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Seed Pack Giveaways

At the beginning of each month, we will randomly select the wallet of at least 1 lucky customer from the previous month to receive a USDC airdrop that can be used to purchase a seed pack of their choosing.

To become eligible, simply purchase something from our marketplace and you will automatically be entered into the giveaway.

Giveaways will be conducted using our own Exotix Giveaway dApp* to verify the giveaway results on the blockchain, ensuring a trustless operation.

*=dApp to be released within 1 month of NFSeeds launch.

Revenue Sharing

5% of all revenue from NFSeeds is shared (in USDC) with those who hold 1 million* Exotix tokens. Rewards will be claimed via the Exotix user dashboard** and will be able to be withdrawn at any time.

The timing of revenue share distributions will be announced ahead of release.

Revenue Sharing will begin distribution in Q2–Q3 2023, coinciding with the user dashboard release. Until release, USDC will accumulate in this wallet: 0x5Be4F53714CD383Ae2553ee02281b58a54aE3876

*=The number of tokens required for revenue sharing eligibility will change with the market price of the token.

**=Expected to be released Q2–Q3 2023.


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